Use elements of light and colour

Using elements of light and colour will create a space that feels more joyful. Ingrid Fetell Lee is a designer and an expert in joy. Her article ‘Imagining a more joyful children’s hospital’ has many inspiring examples which illustrate ways to add more joy to healthcare facilities. She explains that healthcare institutions can be an emotional place for people. Colours can be used as a powerful method to inspire workers, patients and families and invoke positive feelings.

Adding custom upholstery to chairs featuring vibrant colours and patterns is a perfect way to add more joy.

Opt for easy cleaning

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness will help create a space which feels fresh and invokes a sense of care. Our ErgoCare seating range does exactly this. The chairs are designed with easy to clean surfaces and all seating options are available in a wide range of hard-wearing, anti-bacterial upholstery coverings, which help to mitigate the spread of harmful bacteria.

Choose the best quality

Healthcare facilities are hard-working, high-functioning spaces. The need for ergonomic seating solutions in these spaces is more important than ever before.

Our 24/7 seating range is designed specifically for demanding work environments. Providing a range of options that are not only robust but ergonomic also. Ergonomic seating ensures staff, patients and visitors are safe and healthy – no matter their body type. This will ensure everyone feels welcome and are comfortable.

Need some inspiration?

Grace Hospital Tauranga has adopted these design tips, working with Urban Lounge Interiors to create inviting and beautiful spaces. They have added custom upholstery to chairs to invite feelings of calm and joy. You can read more about the fitout in our Grace Hospital Case Study.


Featured images: Grace Hospital Tauranga & Herlev Hospital in Copenhagen painted by Danish artist Poul Gernes.