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ergocare rockford hospital seating
Grace Hospital, Tauranga

Grace Hospital are a private hospital who provide personalised and attentive care, ensuring guests are relaxed as possible. Their facilities are designed with comfort and safety in mind.

In September 2018 Grace Hospital Tauranga worked alongside Urban Lounge Interiors to create inviting beautiful spaces. 

A combination of Konfurb Hady and ERGOCare Bella were placed into each patient room wing for this fitout. The ERGOCare Rockford recliners were placed into the day-stay recovery ward. Grace Hospital have a comfortable and upmarket environment for private patient treatment. The selected guest chairs compliment the warm and modern spaces and the ERGOCare Rockford recliner was a great choice providing innovative independent electronic function without a hard clinical exterior.


Custom Upholstery Featured
Hady / Spark Star ‘Victoria Charcoal’
Bella / Spark Star ‘Custom’
Rockford / Warwick Lustrell Charisma