The Konfurb Harmony range

The Konfurb Harmony range is designed to fit the needs of ever-changing workplace environments. These days people need chairs that encourage active movement as they’re no longer restricted to their individual desks. Chairs also need to  suit a range of spaces, whether it’s a casual meeting chair, a desk chair, a boardroom chair or a visitor chair.  Use the Konfurb Harmony to create your unique look by switching castors, glides, bases and choosing custom upholstery.

The Konfurb Harmony Drafting Chair is a great stylish option for collab spaces, laboratories or bar leaners.
The Konfurb Harmony 4 Star Chair is an elegant desk or visitor chair, whether you choose glides or castors.
The Konfurb Harmony Guest – 4 Leg Chair is a complimentary chair with a flexible, whether you choose glides or castors.
The Konfurb Harmony Chair will remain as a popular option as part of the now extended and versatile range.


Be inspired by the Konfurb Harmony with bright seat upholstery used as a boardroom chair in our Raggedy Range case study and see how the Konfurb Harmony with the drafting kit makes the perfect bar leaner/collaborative space chair in our Mini Showroom case study.