Workplace wellbeing and productivity in home offices.

An ergonomically designed home office chair with good lumbar support and adjustable features is a key resource for anyone working from home. In order to maintain both productivity and wellbeing, your home office setup needs to meet professional standards. 

Employers also have an obligation to create safe and healthy work environments, even for their remote staff. This means many organisations are now sourcing ergonomically designed seating, desks and other workstation equipment for home offices. 

Working from home is here to stay, but ideally not at the expense of our bodies or businesses. Understand the key considerations when establishing a home workspace for staff in our article Home office setup for safety and success.


So, which home office chair is the best fit for you? 

Buro Seating has been designing and producing ergonomic office seating for over 25-years. With many products endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Buro offer a number of home office chair solutions for remote workers and companies wanting to support their staff’s transition to working from home. 

Everyone has different requirements when choosing a home office chair, so here are our top picks from the Buro range based on design, budget, ergonomics and comfort. 



The Konfurb Harmony Chair 

Designed for Buro by award-winning Industrial Designer, Martin Ballendat. This dynamic office chair features a sleek contoured shell and customisable seating fabric to integrate with your home interiors. Compact design, adjustable height and ergonomic lumbar support means this chair easily merges both style and comfort. 



The Mondo Java Chair 

Designed to withstand daily use and meet ergonomic standards of health and safety, this adjustable chair delivers great value across the board, proving popular with students and large employers. With high, medium or mesh back options there’s room to choose your ideal fit and look, while still remaining on budget. 



The Buro Metro Chair

Adjustable, adaptable, flexible and functional, this chair brings all the ergonomic considerations of height, depth, cushioning and tilt while still offering customisable seating fabric for the home environment. The breathable mesh back adds a streamlined, modern aesthetic and feel. This chair is a fantastic option for people with specific physical needs who want all the supportive tech. 


Cosy Comfort

The Buro Roma Family
Buro Roma 3 Lever High Back
Buro Roma 3 Lever Mid Back
Buro Roma 2 Lever High Back
Buro Roma 2 Lever Mid Back

For folks who enjoy a little extra padding, these best-selling chairs feature a moulded foam seat and back. The many adjustable elements allow for a truly customised seating experience. This home office chair is available in both high or mid back models, perfect for taller people and those who prefer a soft yet supportive chair. 


Where to find your ideal home office chair? 

Buro chairs are stocked by a range of retailers across New Zealand. To find your local retailer and try out the chair that feels best for you, see our Where to Buy page

View our full range of ergonomic home office chairs.