Ergonomic tips for healthy hips

Andrew Wilson, Osteopath and Ergonomist says, “An office chair should encourage ‘optimum posture’ for your body-type, with the hips higher than the knees. Look for a generous ‘waterfall’ to the edge of the seat.” Having your hips higher than your knees will avoid unnecessary pressure sinking into your hip joints.


Try this hip stretch at your desk

To help relieve tension stop regularly and take a stretching break. This hip stretch is easy to do on your chair and at your desk.


Seated pigeon

Relieves tension from tight hips and stretches the piriformus

  • Sit upright in a chair with both feet on the ground.
  • Bring your ankle of one leg up onto your knee of your opposite leg with your foot flexed.
  • Apply a gentle pressure with one hand on the top of your bent knee
  • Lean forward until you feel a stretch through your outer hip and buttocks.
  • Keep steady full breaths and stay soft through the shoulders.


Other tips to help relieve hip pain


Try our other desk stretches

Working with muscle and joint pain makes work a whole lot less enjoyable and less productive. Try our other desk stretches for some sweet relief and prevention.


Stretching is amazing for prevention and easing tension. But the pain will continue to reoccur if you don’t get to the cause. Most importantly ensure that:

  1. Your workstation is setup ergonomically,
  2. You have optimal sitting posture
  3. You are using an ergonomic chair.



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